Plumbing Plumbing Débouchage Action Inc. is at your service since 1995 specializing in plumbing services, sewer cleaning and excavating for sewers, aqueducts and French drains. We also offer technology without digging. The versatility of the company allows us to serve a wide range of clients from residential, commercial and industrial. We specialize in renovation, repair and excavation.
Camera inspection (sewers and aqueduct) CAMERA INSPECTION (sewers and aqueduct) allows us to diagnose with precision what problems exist in your pipes or sewers. This way, we are often in a position to spare you costly and unnecessary repairs. Our high definition cameras will provide you with a CDRom or DVR.
Pipe thawing As we also specialize in pipe thawing, our Company offers several ways to thaw your drains (pipes) and aqueducts. A variety of machinery allows us to thaw pipes electrically, by hot water and by hot air. We thaw aqueducts, septic main drains, sump pump outlets, fire hydrants, copper pipes, pex etc.
Unclogging & cleaning (sewers, drains and all kinds of pipes) Débouchage & Nettoyage Action Inc. unclogs sewers and drains, thaws pipes, inspects plumbing and French drains with the use of high definition cameras. General plumbing and excavation, sewer lining, interior or exterior plumbing repairs are part of our sphere of expertise.Our strong points are sewer and French drain iron oxide cleaning, aqueduct and sewers excavation (repairs/replacement), camera inspection of sewers and drains, odour detection and leaks, pipe thawing and all plumbing problems.
Odour detection and leaks In order to detect where odours originate, it is necessary to isolate the house/building from the municipal sewers and infiltrate a coloured gas inside the pipes. As gas follows the exact trail that odours do, we are then in a position to make a precise diagnostic and propose a solution to our client.
Pipe radio-locating Plomberie Débouchage & Nettoyage Action Inc. is fully equipped to radio-locate your sewers, pipes and underground electrical high voltage wiring. This method will allow us to excavate at a precise location.
Submersible pumps These are recommended for rain water evacuation as well as water that flows the underground water table level into a catch basin equipped with such a pump. We install different types of submersible pumps according to your needs. Grey water pumps We recommend the installation of such pumps to evacuate the grey waters that accumulate in a catch basin. Often, these are referred to as ‘’pumps for solids’’ as they must vacuum waters coming from a range of apparatus such as toilets, showers, sinks etc. We install different types of ‘’pumps for solids’’ according to your needs.
Hot water tank (repairs and replacement) Our fully qualified employees will replace your hot water tank whether you have purchased it or prefer that we supply one..
Dishwasher installation Our fully qualified employees will install your dishwasher.

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